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How it started...

Hi there! Thank you so much for being here, and for popping in to learn a little bit more about me. If you are completely new to me, Hi! I’m Heather, I am a wife and mom of two teenage girls, a classically trained chef and food writer, and it turns out that as of a few years ago, I am also a PSYCHIC MEDIUM!!! For those of you who have been around at any point in my 17 years journey online: SURPRISE!! I mean, talk about a new chapter in life, right? If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I have been sharing parts (however small!) of this story over the last few years, but I am finally ready to share what has been going on in a different and more personal way here in this new space. But I think to look at what my spiritual and life journey looks like going forward, it is helpful to first glance back. If you are curious, I am sharing an overview of the last few years below. Don’t worry! I will get into the juicy details in future blog posts. (I know this is out there, so please feel free to leave questions in the comments or email/message me and I will answer them!)

I think this chapter really starts in the Winter of 2019- 2020, when it felt like my entire life was being turned upside down. Even before the global pandemic reared its ugly head, turning everyone on theirs, our family was already in turmoil. A startup that my husband and I had founded with friends three years earlier had just folded and I was having trouble accepting that painful loss and reclaiming my identity. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t see my path forward. This was foreign and terribly uncomfortable as I had always enjoyed a bit of a superpower when it came to setting and realizing my goals, then pushing forward my accomplishments. Failing had never really been an option, and as I accepted a rather massive defeat, it was really hard and at moments rather heartbreaking to come to terms with. We were also heading into the second season of my daughter Coco’s TV show, which meant I was starting another year of splitting my time and my family up, since she filmed in another country. The prospect of spending so much time away from my older daughter Pia and my husband to live in Canada with Coco was not sitting well. We were driving back and forth from Canada 1-2 times a week. I was exhausted and I was sick all the time. Strep throat, shingles (on my face!!), flared-up food allergies, migraines and a general malaise became my normal. By late February, Pia had contracted what we now know was Covid. But at the time, all we knew was that she had a severe respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia and would go on to last 3 months, with symptoms for a total of 9 months, leaving her with asthma and lung damage. There was a lot going on.

But even amid these hardships, I know now that there were other forces at work. I know now that the uncomfortableness of change can be necessary and that sometimes it takes these hardships to realize it is time to change your path.

When the realities of Covid hit last March, and Coco’s set was shut down, we found ourselves hightailing it home from Canada and hunkering down like everyone else. Months of being holed up together gave us all time to rest, to heal, to regroup and reevaluate what our future would hold. This led to us putting our beautiful house of 15 years on the market and selling it not long after. We felt ready for a change and used this sale to pry ourselves out of a life that was no longer making us our happiest.

We moved to British Columbia in July of 2020 because we knew that Coco soon had to go back to work and we had an essential worker Visa to help us over the border. We took whatever fit in two cars, put everything else in storage, and hit the road. We spent the rest of the summer up in the mountains of B.C. recovering from the largest life move, figuratively and literally, we had ever made. But those mountains healed us. It was the healthiest Pia had been in 6 months, and her chronic coughing finally receded with the fresh mountain air. I spent the two weeks of our government-induced quarantine sleeping and resting almost exclusively- something I have never given myself the luxury of. Pete became reinspired and started forming his next company. Coco was just happy to have her family all together and with her in Canada. And when we were past quarantine, we hiked, biked, swam, walked, and enjoyed every minute of the beauty of those mountains, I realized that I had not spent that much time in nature since I was a young child and that I loved it and the calm it brought to me.

It was during this time that I happened to be scrolling on Instagram and came across an old friend, that was a recent Reiki Master and had just started teaching. While I have always had a deep interest in Spiritualism, which I got from my parents, I had NO idea what Reiki was. None. I had never even heard of it. But I was completely drawn to it and knew I had to take this class. When I finally did September 2020, it changed my life.

What is Reiki? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reiki, it is energy healing. It literally means “Universal Life Energy” in Japanese. If you think about the idea (and scientific fact) that everything is made up of energy on this planet, then it makes sense that we, who are also made up of energy, can move energy in ourselves and others. Reiki Healing is about making sure that the energy in our bodies is in balance and healthy. As a Reiki practicioner, you can deliver healing energy through your hands and even from a great distance. We are all born with the power to heal ourselves. I may deliver energy to you but your body will know just what to do with it. We are amazing in our capacity to heal!! After a Reiki treatment, it feels like after a massage- very relaxed. It can help clear emotional or traumatic blocks. But it can also help with physical ailments which are often tied to emotional trauma (even when we don’t realize it!)

I was delighted and enlightened by this tremendous gift of being able to contribute to healing myself and others. What I did NOT expect (can’t emphasize that enough!!) was that for me, in my specific individual case, Reiki was what I now refer to as the “gateway” to many other gifts that I had never considered could be a part of my life. I have been blessed with several psychic gifts as well as mediumship- which for me means being able to communicate with and receive messages from spirits who have crossed over. And that my friends, scared the absolute shit out of me. I spent the better part of 6 months fighting against the fear of what this new path would bring me. WHY ME!? How could I not know this until I was in my 40’s!? What did it mean? What would I do with it? What would people think of me? Who did this mean that I was now? Was it real? Was I sure? And that is just scratching the surface. But I continued to push forward anyway because everything in me was calling out for it.

When we wrapped up Coco’s show in 2021, with no ties to a specific city, we decided to take 5 months to regroup again and figure out our next step. We were relishing the adventure of being mobile and wanted to try somewhere remote that we had not spent much time in before. This time we chose a very beautiful rural retreat in Napa, California. We were totally isolated on 40 acres of grassy meadows, forests of cedar and oak, and beautiful hills, valleys, ravines, and wildlife. In this quiet, nature-filled environment, my capacity for delivering Reiki grew and my psychic gifts began to flourish. I completed my second stage of Reiki development and worked with several teachers and supportive groups of women who helped me explore and grow my other new gifts. The fear of the unknown began to recede and a joy I had never known was filling me.

By the time we got to Los Angeles in August of 2021, I had made peace with this new path. The realization that this is who I am and that there is no going back was huge. I like the change. I like the person who I have become and the direction in which I continue to evolve.

The blog that I wrote thousands of recipes for, which represents 17 years of nurturing and healing people through food will always be here and still remains very much a part of who I am and how I live my daily life. In fact, I can now recognize my sensitivities as a soul in the food that I cook and eat. There is a much stronger relationship than many may realize- certainly more than I previously did. (Sounds like another future blog post!) But I have now dedicated the last year and a half to really expanding on my connection with spirit and how I can best be of service in the world through using my gifts.

I wanted to share this here as my first blog post, just so that those of you who are interested (and have known me in a different capacity) understand how this has evolved and where you can find this new version of me! I’m so excited for this next chapter and all of the people that I will get to connect with in such a deeply personal way. I look forward as well, to teaching Reiki when the time is right so that all of you who are interested can help facilitate healing for yourselves and those you care about.

Please feel free to continue to check in here for more posts if this work interests you, or head over to

if you are so inclined. But for now, I just leave you with gratitude for making it this far into reading my long-winded over-sharing, and hope for your support as I move forward with this healing work! Thank you!


Hi Heather, I've enjoyed your food blog since I learned about it when our two youngest kiddos overlapped at preschool in Seattle. These new discoveries and direction are nothing short of amazing! im excited for you and look forward to learning more.


I’ve been following you for a while now and have always felt your recipes are healing. :) I’m so excited for you in this next step of your healing journey! Congratulations!


I’m so excited to follow this journey! Thank you for sharing your gifts.


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I'm a psychic medium and reiki master who is so grateful to be able to share healing messages from Spirit with you! 

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