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My Favorites

In all of my development over many years, I cannot overstate enough how much help I’ve had along the way, especially in the early days of awakening my own intuition. I have had some incredible teachers along the way, but also learned a tremendous amount from books, and through working with cards (oracle and tarot) on my own. I’m sharing below some of what made the most profound impact on me. (You can’t imagine how many books are overflowing from my nightstand! I am always learning and will continue to add resources here!) I also wanted to share some of my favorite oracle cards and the tarot that I like best as well. These are items that anyone can work with to develop their own intuition and I encourage you to explore on your own! Please just message me if you have any questions.


Just a handful of the books that sincerely changed my life.  I will continue to add as I'm moved to. If you have reccomendations, please feel free to share by contacting me below!

I must start here. My dad shared this book with me when I was in my early 30's and it changed my life and the way I saw everything. May it be as profound for you!

I love this book and if you are interested in this title (or even this whole site!) I gaurantee you, you are an old soul who will benefit from reading this and the unique insights that Ainslee shares. 

I read this book early in my Reiki healing journey and was floored by what energy healing could do. I went on to learn under Marie, and she is the real deal- this is her early story and how she experiences energy healing.

Of all Kyle Gray's amazing work with Angels, this book of Angel Prayers is so beautiful to me. This is a great place to start learning how to communicate with your angels as well as an introduction to many of the Archangels.

This book is an incredibly comprehensive education in the chakras. When I was starting out in Reiki, this really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of how much chakras represented and how to best work with them.

This spoke to me so beautifully as I started my reiki and psychic journey. If you are interested in reiki, or how it can help open up your intuition, this book is for you. I love that it is full of practical tips and 

I had some deep healing and radical self loving to re-learn early in my spiritual awakening, and this book gave me a whole new way to think about it. If you feel the same, I highly reccomend.

This was one of the first and most beneficial books I read in my spiritual awakening, and it really helped reframe things going on in my life, and how to make changes from a higher perspective. It's a beautiful work.

This is such an incredibly beautiful book that helps us to recognize and celebrate our connection with those on the other side through signs. A must reda for anyone grieving or wanting to connect with passed over loved ones. 

Tarot and Oracle Cards

These are some of my very favorites for those who are new to working with card decks, as well as the experienced! If you have a very favorite deck, please share by contacting me below!

I think that this is an amazing beginner tarot deck (or not beginner- its my favorite!) The illustrations are very descriptive and literal, and they are a great tool for working with your intuition.

This book deep dives into understanding tarot, and it uses the Robin Wood deck to do so. If you want more than a few words on each card- this is my reccomendation for really learning more about the messages you recieve through your tarot deck.

This is the first oracle deck that I ever bought myself, and is still a go-to favorite. Its filled with beautiful messages and an easy deck for recieving messages from your guides.

Stunning images and heartfelt guidance for leaning into your authenticity and creative gifts. A very empowering deck of Oracle cards that I use often.

I LOVE this deck that celebrates our connection with the angels and spreads messages of positivity, inspiration and loving actions. 

This author has tons of gorgeous decks, but I always love working with the energy of animals, and this deck is a beauty. Lovely images and messages of service and clarity come from the higher-spirit of the animals that are connected to you.

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